In order to install utility on you system, you need to download the installation package for your system. Currently the 32- and 64 bit MS Windows systems are supported. In additional you need to have the .Net run time library installed, version 4.5.x. Normally the .Net is installed as a part of operation system. For Windows 8.x the .Net run-time 4.5.x is provided. You may need to install the .Net run-time library as a part of Windows update process.

The provided installation package is the zip file, which contains the “msi” installation package. You need to run installation with the local administrator account on your computer.

During the installation process some answers for the questions are needed. You’ll be asked to provide the installation folder and the default languages for the interface and reports.




After installation, you may need to review the data storage connections properties. Utility has support two data storate types: SQLite (default) and Microsoft SQL Server. In order to use MSSQL storage the file MSSQLServerAuditor.exe.config in application installation folder need to be amended.

Connections settings for SQLite data storage:

		<connection type="SQLite" connectionString="data source={0};journal mode=Wal;pooling=True;page size=4096;cache size=10000;synchronous=Off"/>

Connections settings for MSSQL data storage using SQL authentication:

		<connection type="MSSQL" connectionString="Server=MSSQL_DATABASE_SERVER;Database={0};User Id=MSSQL_LOGIN_NAME;Password=MSSQL_LOGIN_PASSWORD;"/>

Connections settings for MSSQL data storage using Windows authentication:

		<connection type="MSSQL" connectionString="Server=MSSQL_DATABASE_SERVER;Database={0}Integrated Security=True;"/>

After installation is completed and connections settings are set, you can start using the utility with you normal account.